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Compatible with OpenXR and enriched with custom features to optimize asset scan management and NeRF, the YX SDK stands as a robust framework empowering the creation of augmented reality experiences on XR/AR/VR glasses for iOS, Android, and desktop devices, intelligently adapting to any environment.

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The YX SDK OPEN BETA will be available for free from November 15, 2023 for the first 100 developers, book early!


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To develop these applications, they will need to join the YpsilonX developer community through a free annual subscription.
Developers will identify opportunities to provide solutions for any industry's needs and problems including education, aerospace, tourism, medicine, and others. Once they have identified the opportunity and developed the application, they will then publish it on public stores (Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Windows, Mac) which will then be available in the YX-Store app listings.

Developers need to obtain iOS/Android authorization for publishing so the apps will always be compliant with the platform holder guidelines.

The ecosystem is designed based on a thriving community of innovative developers who contribute and evolve the YpsilonX platform and ultimately keep attracting new users and retaining the loyalty of existing users.

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